Our Approach


We always start with you. Every lab, every organization, every person is unique. Our goal is to improve your lab.
Listening to you and to your team is the first thing we do. You can talk to us in the scientific language you use every day in your work; we understand you in your context. 
We are very interested in your processes, your challenges, your time absorbing tasks, your next bright idea, and last but not least, in the difficulties you might have with computers.
We ensure that you benefit from our years of expertise, our knowledge of lab software, our proven lab processes, and we do it all with a smile.
“Improve your lab” means that we take into consideration your plans, ambitions and budgets to provide tangible advice or deploy our support capabilities; often we do both


Every day your team produces a great deal of scientific information. Properly managing all of this information can be challenging. Sharing files in Outlook? Storing critical Excel lists on a hard drive? These are obvious pitfalls that our experts can show you how to deal with in a better way.

How long ago has it been since you took a good look at your lab processes? How much time do your scientists spend on simple copy/paste work? Is your data integrity & traceability ensured? Are your computers compliant with the applicable regulations? Our experts can show you the benefits you can get from improved processes.

Lab software is critical to your operations. Making a selection from the range of available applications and platforms is challenging. Perhaps most importantly, you are a scientist so you want to do something different tomorrow than you did today; your software needs to evolve along with your new needs. Our experts can show you how to manage all of this.
Deploying new software is much more than just installing a package on a computer; successful software implementation requires strong project management. Once deployed your software needs maintenance both curative and preventive. Implementing new equipment and software has a direct impact on people, so change management has to be part of every undertaking. Our experts provide the support you need to ensure success.


We are intrigued by the question of how to put computers to good use in a scientific environment. A computer that provides real value to you must contain software that is easy to use. We embrace Einstein’s quote: “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”.

Yes, we solve a computer problem if it arises. Yes, we upgrade you to the next version of your software in a smooth way. We work together with you we find solutions so that the computer works with you rather than against you. We offer all of this as a managed service.

Additionally, the computer must be integrated seamlessly in your environment. In a lab environment this means that the computer is connected to the real world. Direct connection to instruments including automatic data transfer is just a piece of the puzzle. Often other means of gathering data must be supported. In an efficient organization this seamless integration also means being connected to other computer systems in your digital environment.

As a scientist your core processes include measuring and analyzing data. We are experts in the field. Our clients range from very research-oriented to strictly development-oriented organizations. This is why we also mastered skills to improve your lab with tools that help you in: a) planning and organizing your projects, studies and experiments; b) automatic generation of and managing your documents c) validating your instruments and computer systems.

We love computers, but we love people more. We know that introducing or changing a computer system has an impact on the individuals that need to use it. We work closely with you and your team to make this a positive experience.

Improve Your Lab

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