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We improve & automate labs

Day by day labs struggle with their processes & data.
We are experts in solving these challenges with quality services and solutions

Let's improve your lab!

Wondering how automation can boost your labs?

Automation clearly helps labs improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve quality. But the level of automation needed depends largely on each lab’s size, test volume, and budget. In almost every lab we mainly detect 3 large business processes that can be distinguished, and at the same time strongly related, to each other. Once your lab’s processes are evaluated and streamlined, it’s time to decide what type of automation brings the most added value on the short and the long term.




LIMS, ELN, LES, sDMS, QMS, CRM, Inventory, Planning, ….

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Capture, Structure, vizualize and analyse with smarter data

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Get more out of your instruments and raw data

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“Improve Your Lab”

Every lab, every organization, every person is unique. That’s why we always start with you. Our goal is to improve your lab to your specific needs, challenges and budget.

You can talk to us in your scientific language you’re used to. Our team of highly experienced scientists will understand you and bridge the gap between you and our IT-specialists. Together we make your “Software for Science”.

So, whether you’re looking to optimize your processes, gain better and faster insights into your data or get even more out of your measurement tools, we have the experts and solutions to help you move forward.

Wondering how Labautomation can be accessible to you?

Labautomation is often synonymous with expensive investment projects. We believe that this doesn't always have to be the case and, above all, belongs to the past. Because of our special approach and the use of the latest technologies, it's our goal to make Labautomation accessible to all types of labs, from QC to R&D, across all different sectors.

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