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Data automation

In almost every lab we mainly distinguish 3 major processes, which are, on the other hand, also very closely linked to each other. Firstly you have the administrative and business processes, which are focusing on optimizing your entire workflow. In addition, you have the numerous measuring instruments. By linking these and integrating them into the entire process flow, your lab becomes an even more efficient workplace. And last but not least, what about the huge amounts of data that are produced every day? Check out how data automation can bring your lab to the next level.

Today the total amount of scientific data, whether it’s for researching a new compound in drug development or discovering new trends in quality control, has massively increased and will only continue to rise. In order to control this explosion of data, data automation can be enabled to eliminate time loss and human errors.

Data Automation is the use of intelligent processes, other types of equipment, or systems for collecting, processing, storing and analysing chunks of data. Data automation enables researchers to achieve outputs like never before imaginable.

Boost your science with smarter data!!


DataClimaX is a platform that handles big volumes of data from multiple sources and formats. With validated, predefined and yet extensible calculations, DataClimaX automatically generates datasets ready for scientific analysis. By avoiding manual data transfer, while ensuring full data integrity and traceability, DataClimaX maximizes your focus on science. More time for data exploration and analysis leads to faster reports, increased scientific insight and high quality expertise.

SEND Protocol

SEND, the Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data, is an implementation of the SDTM standard for nonclinical studies. SEND is one of the required standards for data submission to FDA and specifies a way to collect and present nonclinical data in a consistent format. A SEND package consists of a few parts, but the main focus is on individual endpoint data. Endpoints typically map to domains (essentially, datasets), with a number of variables (a.k.a., columns or fields).

R Integration

One of the most valuable features in our platforms is the integration of R scripts. R is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. It provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, …) and graphical techniques. With R you can take advantage of its flexible, extensive and robust capabilities to analyze, transform, and visualize data.

DDI Model

Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data stored in your database or warehouse. It guarantees and secures the traceability, searchability and recoverability of your data to its original source.
That’s why all our solutions are built with data integrity at the top of mind in every stage of your data lifecycle: from the design to the implementation phase. Today, data is more important than ever, but without integrity, data is not of much use.

BI tools

With our Business Intelligence tools we make it possible to pull data for analysis directly from the source applications. Using the extract, transform, and load method (ETL), we make it possible to aggregate disparate data sources, from across and even outside your organization, into one database by building a data warehouse. This makes it easier for other analytics applications to quickly access them and provide you the scientific business insights you need.

Big Data

Big data has become a major component in our scientific world. However, the creation of such large datasets, both unstructured and structured, cannot be processed effectively with the traditional applications that exists. It requires understanding and having the proper tools on hand to parse through them to uncover the right information. To support your organization in dealing with these high volumes, we have created different data management & analytics solutions.

Data Analytics

A strong analytics platform is key to meeting expectations in a data-driven business. Within our platform we’ve automated the techniques and processes of data analytics into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over your raw & original data. By using data analytics we can get you closer to your conclusion much faster by using the most appropriate combination of Business Intelligence, Machine learning, data mining and data conversion tools.

M.L. & A.I.

Today’s business can be overwhelmed by huge data streams, a landscape that is continuously gaining complexity. Meanwhile, the expectations of end -users and business pace is increasing. Machine learning technologies have been used for decades, even in daily life, and are evolving rapidly alongside. By using the best open source frameworks, we can help building your data intelligence, increasing effectiveness of your data scientists

Data Migration

Many labs are faced with the limits of their current systems and are sitting on a pile of data on an outdated rigid server. This is often valuable data that they don't want to see lost and want to explore further with new datasets. We are experienced with and can provide a migration of your existing data to the newest applications and data warehousing methods while making them even easier to analyze by restructuring complex data.

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