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About XiTechniX

Every day laboratories struggle with their data and processes. To solve these problems and making these labs better, XiTechniX was founded in 2003.

From the beginning we’ve built, implemented and integrated a wide range of software solutions & services to provide the right level of automation and enable continuous improvement in laboratories.

Today, XiTechniX is a scientific informatics provider in various technological domains.  From quality control (QC) to research & development (R&D) across different sectors, we combine high quality software solutions (ELN, LIMS, LES, SDMS…) with expert advice and insights. Our customer-oriented approach, focusing on adding value and continuous improvement, are just some of the ingredients of a succesful integration.

With over 15 years of experience, it is still our mission to support scientists towards their next breakthrough and operational success.

How we work

Lab automation is not just about implementing a piece of software. It’s about understanding how each laboratory works and how you can create the ideal level of automation for every organization. It’s about teamwork and knowing what software is capable of for your lab. Therefor we always bring our scientists on site to work together with your team so they can bridge the gap between science and IT. We believe that teamwork in every phase of the project is a key factor for success


Each automation process starts with the creation of comprehensive and detailed User Requirements Specifications (URS). This URS is the basis and must be the guiding principle for a successful implementation. We know from experience that this is a time-consuming activity and often comes on top of the already heavy workload.
We are happy to take these tasks out of your hands.
Our specialists come to you on site, where the lab is fully screened. We determine to what extent your laboratory & business processes have been digitized. This analysis will be written out in detail and explained to all stakeholders.

Advice & insights

Based on the outcome of the analysis, we can draw up a plan of action together. In this plan we take into account the challenges, needs, vision and budget of the company. This will give you concrete advice and insight on which solutions and technologies will support your business most effectively. Afterwards, you can decide to what extent the analysis and plan of approach will be rolled out throughout the organization.

Project Implementation

Regardless of which solution or service needs to be implemented, every project starts with the creation of a project plan. In this plan we jointly define the teams involved, the most efficient way of working together and achievable milestones. Once the plan is approved, the implementation project can start. In this stage we always strive to apply a step-by-step approach, replicable processes that harmonize project execution across teams and departments.

Aftercare and support services

The success of an automation project is not only determined by a smooth implementation. Success often depends on the extent to which employees embrace the new software. Aftercare plays a crucial role in this. Aftercare is much more than training and support and starts during the implementation phase. We focus on the guidance and involvement of end users. The greater their involvement and belief, the more successful the project. That is also why we are always on site at the time of delivery.

Meet Our Team

Did you ever got the chance to meet the XTX-team?

It’s a healthy mix of senior scientists and IT specialists, each passionate about his or her profession. It’s a well-oiled machine, characterized by endless enthusiasm and a towering ambition to exceed your expectations.

Call us and we’ll bring our experts on site.

Steve Mangelschots


Mario Peeters


Our partners

Wondering why we are changing the game?

XitechniX is not just your run of the mill software company.
Once you start working with them it actually feels like they are part of your team.
They don’t just help search for the best possible solution, they ARE the solution!

Jasper PlateauTest Facility Manager @ CID LINES

“We’ve experienced a demonstrated capability of understanding and turning our lab processes into configurable lab software, with strong focus on customer added value. XTX-team members showed us great analytical insights and regulatory compliance expertise”

Dirk Van HeesIT Manager @ KELA Pharma Group

"Through DataClimaX we maximize the power of our lab. In their platform we can store our lab and clinical data and implement the latest analysis techniques immediately. In this way we come to new insights much faster."

Professor Frederik DesmetHoofd van het Laboratorium voor Precisie Kankeronderzoek @ KU Leuven

“XTX is a partner who’s truly part of our IT-team. They understand our needs and communicate on both scientific and technical level. They not only solve our problems and help us achieve our next goal, but advise us in creating a long-term vision on our IT-landscape.”

Dries VandersyptIT Manager @ Laboratorium ECCA & BIOTOX