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Maintenance, Training & Support

We believe that the basis for a long-term vision with our customers is more than just a successful implementation. That is only the beginning. Every step throughout the project life cycle is decisive. That’s why we have incorporated  our service delivery into the entire project life cycle. Even more, by integrating our best practices into all of our service offerings, we guarantee to take away all technological and informatics worries of our customers and their end users.


To maximize the benefits of your solutions we provide extensive and customized training services. Our trainings increase your efficiency in reducing the amount of time and effort spent in the adoption of your new technology and prepares you to be self-sufficient. We want you to fully optimize your utilization of our technologies.
We provide both Admin training, based on the train-the-train trainer principle, and End User training, to assist you in training your end users. Regardless of your business needs, timeframe and budget our training services can be organized virtually as well as on site, one-on-one or via group sessions.


We believe in a long term philosophy. Your relationship with us is an ongoing one and outstanding client services are an indistinguishable part of your entire customer experience. Over the years, our support services have increased in both breadth and depth. We do not just help you to meet your operational and technological objectives but we aim to gain a competitive advantage and achieve high performance.
Our client support team has a wide range of expertise, including subject expertise in specific scientific fields to highly-experienced technical engineers. Whether a new user just starting out with one of our solutions or an experienced long-term client, our support team is here to help with your specific queries and requirements.


Once your solution has been implemented, we don’t stop. Once delivered, our products continue to improve and evolve to meet your business and technological needs as dictated by an ever changing market. We believe software is a model of the real world. When the real world changes, the software requires alteration wherever possible. Maintenance is the act of fine-tuning and improving your solution.
By adding functionality, optimizing existing features and correcting errors, we ensure a fully automated environment, where you’ll get a continuous access to all the fantastic benefits you achieve by utilizing our solutions. With our continuous delivery approach, we’re able to capture all different maintenance categories in one model.

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